Deluxe Dialysis Chairs

There is no need to be cold while undergoing dialysis. Our dialysis chairs have heat and massage. Simple turn the button on or off. Our recliners can be extended to a complete flat position for a more comfortable sleeping option. With an ergonomic laptop table and lumbar spine pillows, our focus is the patient’s comfort with over wide and plush treatment chairs.

  • High-quality & comfortable
  • Integrated heat & massage
  • Infinite position recliner
  • Lay flat for comfortable sleeping option
  • Ideal for nocturnal dialysis patients
  • User adjustable positioning
  • Large fold-down table & Laptop table
  • Chair extends to flat position for a comfortable sleeping option

AmeriWater Treatment System

High purity water that meets CMS (Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services) and AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) standards is the number one medicine for dialysis patients. AmeriWater systems are FDA medical devices that provide high purity water for acute settings & chronic treatment centers.