I found Miami Beach Elite Dialysis to be a world class state of the art dialysis facility which provided a consistent high level of service and patient care each and every visit. MBED is clean, comfortable, and modern with all the amenities to make your treatment as pleasurable as possible.

This gave me a sense of reassurance and peace of mind that I was receiving the best care possible, it was one less thing I had to worry about as I transitioned to a life which required me to have a more disciplined approach to my medical needs.

The staff at MBED are friendly, caring and knowledgeable. They provided me with the knowledge and progress reports as it related to my medical condition i.e. clear explanations of medical results as well as details of all medications and progress reports.

Additionally I was provided with a seamless experience between the medical oversight my Nephrologist provided and MBED again ensuring that my medical needs were fully covered.

MBED’s location is also important to me conveniently located close to my home as well as close to all my doctors at Mt Sinai, easily accessible from any direction. Given my busy work schedule I appreciated the flexibility to schedule my treatment appointments at times which were convenient, this level of flexibility ensured that the entire process was not burdensome.

          Kevin Mcnish


“Never would I have imagined that my dialysis treatment would be so special. The personal attention I receive at Elite is fantastic. From day one all my medical needs have been taken care of by a staff of friendly and truly caring professionals. Total personal care; make my visits timeless and painless.
Thank you Elite Dialysis!”

          N. Jimmie Elias


From the first moment I entered the clinic, it has been a wonderful experience being treated at Elite Dialysis. The design and décor of the premises are beautiful. Having individual stations is such an improvement from and a relaxing experience in comparison to the chain operations where everyone is in such close proximity to each other. The staff has consistently provided expert, diligent, and professional care.


I’m forever grateful to Dr. Green for referring me to Miami Beach Elite Dialysis.

          Richard Ventura